Frostbite 5-Mile Road Race and Fundraiser!
Join us on January 11 as we co-host the Kelley's Pace Frostbite 5-mile Road Race. All proceeds benefit Stonington Crew! The race begins and ends in Olde Mystick Village. Rower-volunteers will be supporting the event and cheering on runners. Visit our Frostbite 5-Mile Road Race web page for more information. 
Name-A-Boat Campaign!
Fundraising supports our boat turnover plan which helps to ensure the team has current equipment. Within the last two years, we added three Vespoli VHPs to our fleet. Under the Name-A-Boat campaign, you can name a seat/side for $300! The name of your choosing will be affixed to the hull for the life of the boat. Visit our Name-A-Boat page for more information!